Sunday, October 30, 2016

CRI — Younger Chinese sent to school overseas

Students from the Chinese mainland are making up the major share of international students in primary and middle schools of English speaking countries….
Liberal education versus Mandarin education. In addition, English fluency is key to success in an Anglo-American dominated world.
Knews, a local Chinese media outlet, says more Chinese parents are sending children under 17 to school overseas.

"[Education there] would focus more on students' personal development. They will not place too much focus on scores, ranking or exams," a mother told Knews, as she looked for a British primary school for her child.…
The goal of liberal education is to produce a well-rounded individual, while the goal of a Mandarin education is to select the technocracy.

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Younger Chinese sent to school overseas


Matt Franko said...

And then they never want to go back ...

Peter Pan said...

Erm, education over here is all about scores, ranking and exams. These Chinese parents need to investigate beyond the glossy brochures.