Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ruslan Ostashko — Did the EU just sign off on Ukraine's last winter?

Pipelines and why they are crucial. Europe has no domestic energy resources.

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Did the EU just sign off on Ukraine's last winter?
Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia - translated by J. Arnoldski


Matt Franko said...

They could trade food (Ukraine grain) and manufactured items for gas with the gulf states with a pipeline thru Syria... so of course Russia is trying to muck that up...

Tom, Russia doesn't need the food while MENA does need the food so why is Russia being a butthead in Syria here? All drunk again???

Don't they want MENA to eat and not starve?

Tom Hickey said...

This is about who controls MENA. Russia is advancing strongly now, unless the US figures how to stop it. Al Qaeda is about to be driven out of Aleppo, which would essentially mean defeat for the US in Syria. Russia and Egypt are also cozying whereas under Mubarak, it was US territory. Similar with Pakistan and KSA and Russia are also making nice. Iran is all but a Russian ally. Turkey is even splitting away from the US and holding hands with Russia on some things like South Stream.

Russia has a much more credible stance with Islamic countries than the US and Europe, too, since it has a large Muslim population.

Developing counties are starting to see more opportunity with Russia-China than the US and Europe. Same with the Asian Pacific countries.

Meanwhile, Europe is imploding and the US is going through an adolescent crisis.

The West still has a stronger hand but it playing it badly, whereas Russia and China are playing their weaker hands well.

Peter Pan said...

The regime in Kiev is a solid, dependable ally that the EU can count on. Oh wait.