Saturday, October 22, 2016

Noah Smith — Liberals Compete for the Soul of Economics

But there are not one, but two big trends in liberal economic thinking. One wants to modify the economic thinking of the past few decades, and the other wants to rip it up. I expect to see a lot of the economic debate in the coming years play out not between the left and right, but between these two strains of thought.
More controversy on the way. Will MMT finally get a hearing?

Not if Noah Smith has it right. Noah completely ignores Post Keynesian economics and Institutinoalism as an overlapping cluster of schools and talks instead of evolutionary economics and complexity economics, which are still in their infancy compared with PKE.

Is Noah blindsided, or is this Bloomberg policy?

Bloomberg View
Liberals Compete for the Soul of Economics
Noah Smith, contributor
ht Mark Thoma at Economist's View


Matt Franko said...

Check which "school" the B-berg economics editor hails from....

Peter Pan said...

It wasn't that long ago that it was an open question as to whether NS was a troll.

TofuNFiatRGood4U said...

It was never a question in my mind.

I still think his self-interest is insufficiently occluded.