Sunday, October 23, 2016

Maher v. Morello

Revealing back and forth between Tom Morello and Bill Maher on Maher's show.

Morello imo exemplifies the general outrage of the alt-left in the face of much socio-economic injustice and Maher (probably playing devil's advocate a bit) points out that it takes more than just the outrage to deliver.  Morello doesn't put up much argument.

Illustrates pretty well perhaps what is going on in the current contrasting between the alt-left and alt-right positions.

Video of some of Morello and new band's recent work here; think like an open nerve ending sending a message:


Joe said...

Alt-left? Oh good grief. Let's make up more terms, can I be the ctrl-alt-right-delete.

Peter Pan said...

I tried this keyboard shortcut: ctrl-alt-delete-hillary
But it won't work!

Ugh said...

Although the music wasn't terrible - as I was expecting - I just can't get that worked up. The raw negativity running through the music and in the images of the video make me physically ill. That much negativity is not healthy. Sure we are all taken for fools and exploited to a certain degree, what's new? So the alt-right is pissed that the country is circling the drain despite their hard work and taxes paid, they want it back the way it was in the good old days (there are no good old days) The alt-left is pissed about every possible thing and they just want free shit because, you know, someone owes them (yeah... no)