Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sputnik — Assange Says Hillary Clinton Behind Ecuador’s UK Embassy Ban on Internet

The duel heats up.

Assange Says Hillary Clinton Behind Ecuador’s UK Embassy Ban on Internet

If Hillary wins, she had better take the House and Senate. It's almost a forgone conclusion she will be impeached just like Bill.

The Washington Post
House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton
Dave Weigel

Chicago Tribune
Cruz suggests leaving Supreme Court seat vacant if Clinton is elected
Associated Press


Peter Pan said...

Need to shine a spotlight on Hillary's VP just in case.

TofuNFiatRGood4U said...

I think the bankster-plutocrats would prefer 8 yrs of HC and 8 yrs of Kaine. Hillary will be a fabulous distraction and might not last the distance but most of the republicans are in fact on the same side, under the covers.

So maybe the goal will be to 'almost impeach' (repeatedly).

I know: about as satisfying as the 'withdrawal' method ...

Tom Hickey said...

Then GOP is in pretty good shape even though they party is experiencing "issues."

The GOP has the states largely locked in and will increase that lead through further gerrymandering and more voter suppression, since US elections are managed at the state level and SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder (2013).

It will be difficult for the Dems to take the House in this election, although they have a decent chance at the Senate. There just are not that many House seats in play owing to gerrymandering.

Even if the Dems take the Senate though, it will likely only be for two years. In the midterms the Dems have 26 of their present Senate seats to defend, and the GOP only 8. That's pretty lopsided.

The GOP has done poorly in the presidential elections since G.W. Bush, largely owing to poor candidates and a splitting coalition.

If they can fix those issues, they will be in a strong position to retake the presidency and rule the county at the federal and state levels. But that is a big if.

Right now the GOP is coming apart at the seams and there is no strong uniting candidate in sight. But they have about three years to fix that before the next presidential campaign begins.