Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ellen Brown — Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Lincoln Had a Bolder Solution

In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt boldly solved the problem of a chronic shortage of gold by taking the dollar off the gold standard domestically. President-elect Trump, who is nothing if not bold, can solve the nation’s funding problems by tapping the sovereign right of government to issue money for its infrastructure needs.
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Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Lincoln Had a Bolder Solution
Ellen Brown


Salsabob said...

The self delusion is truly amazing.

The guy says he's bringing you 'change' as in he's going to burn your house down. He brings over the flame thrower but you just know, fer sure, he's going to pivot and BBQ up all of us some great steaks and cheeseburgers!

It's right there in front of Ellen Brown - he's going to give big tax breaks to the elites to privatize valuable infrastructure. I'll bet there's a few professional sports stadiums in there if not some casino hotels (Hey, Ivanka, let's try that Taj Mahal thing again, it will be huuge!). On the other hand, a new drinking water treatment plant for Flint or repairng your typical Interstate bridge falling down somewhere in the heartland, well, not so much.

Is this more funny or more pathetic?

Bob said...

If she agreed that going the private route was the best solution, that would be self delusion.

Noah Way said...

For the moment he gets the benefit of the doubt. Banning lobbyists is a good start, so is opening the door with Russia. One thing you're going to see a lot of very quickly is a large split between Trump and the GOP and neocons.

If you believe Trump's pandering to the right you may be very surprised. This is why half the GOP hates him, they know.

beowulf said...

I'm glad that Chuck Schumer recognizes that his Senate Dems will have opportunities to divide Republicans by siding with Trump against McConnell and Ryan on some issues (infrastructure, family leave, possibly Medicare).