Monday, November 14, 2016

Ellen McGirt — Donald Trump, Your Silence on Bigotry Is Shameful

With the installation of Steve Bannon, the former president of the controversial Breitbart News as his chief strategist and senior counsel, Trump is sending a clear message that he will continue to associate himself with white nationalism and the alt-right.…
Like him or not, Trump is one of the great communicators of the modern age. For all his bluster and intemperance, when he talks or tweets, people pay attention. His silence on the issue of unleashed bigotry speaks volumes. On this matter, true leadership lies elsewhere.
Fortune — Commentary
Donald Trump, Your Silence on Bigotry Is Shameful
Ellen McGirt | Senior Editor

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Malmo's Ghost said...

Tom, are you going to post 50 articles from the thoroughly discredited MSM and liberal political hacks about Bannon being a white nationalist? It's all bs liberal talking points.

Trump won. Get over it.