Monday, November 14, 2016

Scott Wong — No. 2 GOP leader defends Trump's Bannon pick in combative exchange with reporters

Trump more or less had to select Steve Bannon as an antidote to choosing establishment figure Reince Priebus as WH chief staff. Trump could not effectively govern without an establishment figure as his chief of staff. He is following in the footsteps of Washington outsider Ronald Reagan, who chose GOP veteran James Baker and appointed him US Secretary of State two years later, a post that Baker retained under G. W. H. Bush.

Certainly Donald Trump was aware that many of his supporters would be livid at this apparent sell-out in his first appointment. So he created the position of "chief strategist" for Steve Bannon as a surrogate chief of staff in order to appease them.

However, Alt-Right leader and former Breitbart chief Steve Bannon is a lightening rod. Perhaps more than some of Trump's own previous remarks, Bannon represents the epitome of identity politics of hate that engenders fear on the part of those at whom it is aimed and disgust by the liberal world internationally. This is not going down well outside the base.

The media is noticing and it appears that the honeymoon is over already.

Bannon has a long history of identity slurs, the most significant of which now are his anti-Semitic ones that are being called out. It's going to be difficult to either ignore these or pass them off as gaffes. Republican officials, leaders and office-holders are going to be questioned on this and eventually the president-elect himself.

Trump really is going to have to be the Master Persuader that Scott Adams thinks he is to navigate this conundrum. Scott Adams has some advice on this, but that would meaning confronting many of his supporters.
Unfortunately, picking Steve Bannon as chief strategist adds confirmation bias to the monster illusion because Clinton’s team polluted Bannon’s brand during the election. Bannon adds confirmation bias to the monster illusion. I assume Bannon is a great strategist or else Trump wouldn’t risk keeping him.…
But not to worry.
[Donald Trump] has lots of levers. Expect him to push one lever after another until the monster framing cracks. By summer the story will be that he’s the most flexible and centrist president in our history.
How will that go down with the base that elected him to "drain the swamp." 

On the other hand, Barack Obama disappointed progressives out the box by selecting Rahm Emmanuel as WH chief of staff and bailed out Wall Street while hanging Main Street out to dry. He was still reelected although he lost his party's majorities in Congress.

Meanwhile the "Soros-funded" protests continue in the streets and foreign leaders are in a quandary with their own electorates as to how far they can deal with Donald Trump, let alone support him as global leader.

Pandoras's box is now open.

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