Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reuters — Russia says resumption of Syria peace talks delayed indefinitely

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday a Western failure to rein in violent Islamists in Syria had indefinitely delayed the resumption of peace talks.
Not only has the "coalition" not separated the so-called moderates from the jihadis as required by the ceasefire agreement, it has continued to arm them, including more advanced weapons than previously.
Shoigu said that rebels backed by Western governments had been attacking civilians in the Syrian city of Aleppo, despite a pause in Russian and Syrian air attacks.

"As a result, the prospects for the start of a negotiation process and the return to peaceful life in Syria are postponed for an indefinite period," Shoigu said.
Russia says resumption of Syria peace talks delayed indefinitely

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Col. Wilkerson:
Then you have to face the reality too that on the other side you are largely supporting your own enemy, Al Qaeda. No matter what you say about the CIA’s ability to differentiate between so called moderate rebels and those of the Al Nusra Front and those of Al Qaeda affiliates, that is pure nonsense. The CIA does not have that kind of capability. It does not have that kind of discrimination. So, most of the people we are now arming to fight Assad look a lot like Al Qaeda to me.…
when I say Israel, let me be more precise, Bibi Netanyahu and Bibi Netanyahu’'s government would rather see ISIS in command, Al Qaeda in command in Damascus than they would Barshar Assad. So, that’s what we’re up against here.…
The US-Israeli strategy is to use the Sunni jihadis — AQ and ISIL — to break the Shiite crescent and then to annihilate the Sunni jihadis sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey later.

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