Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Robert Parry — Taking a Page from Joe McCarthy

The interesting thing in this campaign is that previous candidates have left the "dirty politics" to suffocates, including the vice-presidential candidate on the ticket. Not so in this election. Both candidates are themselves deeply engaged in throwing mud. Trump rose to fame in the GOP through birtherism. Now Hillary Clinton is mimicking Joe McCarthy in attributing guilt by association, with the "association" either unproven, farfetched or even manifestly false. It's a race to the bottom of the cesspool, and it is difficult to tell who is winning.
Though there are plenty of legitimate reasons to oppose the eminently unqualified Donald Trump for President, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats risk setting in motion dangerous international forces with their promiscuous Russia-bashing.
Here Parry has only part of the story. Yes, the "Russian connection" is a club being used to beat Donald Trump, but more significantly it is being used to distract attention from the embarrassing if not disqualifying issues in which Hillary Clinton is now embroiled owing to emailgate.

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Taking a Page from Joe McCarthy
Robert Parry

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