Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stanley Druckenmiller, who said to "sell everything and buy gold" back in May (terrible advice), now says he's optimistic and bullish! WTF???


They are clowns.

Druckeniller, at the Ira Sohn conference in NYC last May, said he was selling everything and buying gold.

His reason? The Fed was losing control. Central bank "stimulus" wasn't working and it was going to backfire. Blah, blah...all the same, ignorant comments, like a Peter Schiff type of analysis. Absolutely ridiculous.

So where were those markets at the time? The S&P was at 2040. Gold was at $1280.

Now where are they?

The S&P is now up over 100 points, 2160. The Dow just made new record highs. And gold? 1267.

Now this guy says he's optimistic and bullish.

It makes me scared as hell because I am long stocks.

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GLH said...

I watched "Fast Money" for around five years and during the whole time BK was bearish saying to stay out of the market. Sometime after Brexit the Dow hit an all time high and BK was asked what to do now. He said to take profits. WTF. If you have been out of the market for five years where do your profits come from?