Sunday, November 20, 2016

Times of Israel — Trump’s CIA pick Pompeo anticipates ‘rolling back’ the ‘disastrous’ Iran deal

Republican hawk has warned that Tehran is ‘intent on destroying America,’ castigated Obama for enabling ayatollahs to ‘expand their power 
Times of Israel
Trump’s CIA pick Pompeo anticipates ‘rolling back’ the ‘disastrous’ Iran deal
Times Of Israel Staff And Agencies

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Withdrawal from the JCPOA would have additional, farther-reaching negative implications for President Trump. It would re-open an old issue that had been resolved through diplomacy, create a new crisis, and consume much high-level time and attention that otherwise could be devoted to countless other foreign policy problems, including ones centered in the Middle East. Withdrawal also would weaken the credibility of anything else the new U.S. president wants to do that involves, like the JCPOA, executive action rather than a treaty. Much of what Mr. Trump has talked about regarding trade and other matters falls into this category.
For one thing, unilateral withdrawal from the agreement would further confirm that Russian criticism that the US is a country that cannot keep its agreements and doesn't stand by its word. Needless to say, this would affect the ability of the US make agreements in the future if parties believe that they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

The National Interest
Building on the Iran Nuclear Agreement
Paul R. Pillar | non-resident senior fellow at Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies, a nonresident senior fellow in the Brookings Institution's Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, and 28 year CIA veteran

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