Wednesday, March 4, 2009

China to ‘Significantly Increase’ Spending to Revive Growth

Buy China stocks!!

China is not burdened by idiot lawmakers, journalists and self-interested economists. What the government decides, gets done. There's no, "taxpayer on the hook" debate and, "who's gonna buy our debt?" questions asked. No cries of deficits or moral hazard.

China will lead the global economy out of recession.

The U.S. has ceded its role as global economic engine because of a terribly destructive belief system.

Buy China stocks. Buy all you can. There's not a single China stock that you shouldn't buy. Go into debt buying China stocks. You'll become rich.


googleheim said...

Wait a second.

China is lying about it's numbers. Authers on goes on and on about how China's indices are doing so much better and they will lead the recovery, while saying it is "odd" since their communism is better thanour "socialism".

The point is that Japan is lying about it's profits to the degree such that their currency will devalue as I pointed out earlier.
They need to export so they cannot deal with a strong Yen.

China is lying about it's strength in purchasing manager indices and stimulus and 8% prediction of growth so that money will pour into their economy.

Sure, it might be true, but I don't trust them with my child's toys manufacturing or my food.

More toxic waste from their side of the pond for all that I am concerned.

They will bubble up with this and maybe attract investment, but it is not clear if they are telling the truth as if their capitalism is regulated and the free market here was supposed to be.

I'd put the caveat on what I say as maybe they are telling the truth, but I think it is a poker trick to get people to put their cash in the pot so they can use it.

I'd be very cautious.

googleheim said...

Japan lies about big writedowns to get their currency back down

China lies about strength so it can get cash flow into their system

If China is so strong then they would float their currency and let it ride the global system