Friday, March 6, 2009

Violence in Denmark a microcosm of what could happen here

Safe, secure, Denmark.

That's what you usually think. But times are a changing.

What was once Europe's third safest city is seeing violence spiral out of control.

Crime is a function of the economy. As conditions in the U.S. deteriorate crime is bound to rise and it could get very chaotic and even dangerous.

Only an irrational belief system in this nation keeps us from living in a state of near-Utopia. We will pay dearly for that irrational belief system as the flip-side of "near-Utopia" is crime, poverty, violence, disorder and destructive social unrest.


Andre Grillon said...

we can't let this happen in the US! Support pledging for Peter Schiff to join the US Senate!

googleheim said...

Peter Schiff messed up big time. He shorted the party but did not choose the right exit door. He ran to the Euro and Pacific ( hence his Euro Pacific fund ) and both of those currencies and securities were hit harder than the U$D.

If and only if he was in Japanese Yen 110% would I even lift a finger off the commode he's twirling in.

googleheim said...

Also : Denmark has mandatory 8 week vacations and benefits up the wazzooo. The kids who work at MacDonalds flipping burgers make just as much money as entry level technicians at MacDonald Douglass ( or equivalent ) here AND have 4 times as much vacation and better healthcare.

Denmark is rioting because they had it better than any other place on the planet.

WE in the USA are old dogs used to getting no respect and no vacation for sure.

It will be a little bit longer before we get pettered off.

mike norman said...

The sad part is, because of the current belief system that is pervasive in this country, Peter Schiff could very well be elected. It's totally within the realm of possibility. In fact i'd go one step further and say this: If Schiff wants the job, he'll get it!

mike norman said...

Maybe I should start a MikeNormanforSenate2010 website??

cbas said...

Mike, as long as you don't move to Ct and run against Schiff, you might have a chance. Or else you would get owned again.