Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Senator Judd Gregg says America facing bankruptcy

This guy is totally out of paradigm. We are not on a gold standard. It is functionally impossible for a nation that issues non-convertible currency and spends by crediting bank accounts to go bankrupt.

Judd is an idiot and being purposely alarmist because Conservatives are scared shitless right now that Obama's plan will work. The only thing they have to counter this is by saying, "Yeah, it's working temporarily, but it will eventually bankrupt us."

This guy is a dangerous guy. He voted against the stimulus and feels okay, I guess, with women becoming prostitutes, strippers and porn actresses to pay the bills because that's better than the government providing support to the economy.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

did he say "figure out some way NOT to pay it?"
and is this woman really comparing holding treasuries to holding a Macy's card?
Yeah, China's concerned about buying our debt alright but only because they need they can't purchase it with the Yuan.
Out of paradigms like these two are the biggest compromise to our resiliency.

Matt Franko said...

Now he's on Kudlow tonite with the same bibble-babble! Ahhhgh!
He's in trouble in NH for next election (his polls are down).
Maybe he's applying for his next job at The Peterson Institute!