Friday, March 20, 2009

China’s Economy May Be Stabilizing, World Bank Says

"China’s economy is showing “early signs” of stabilizing as government-backed investment counters a slump in exports, the World Bank says."

"Government-influenced investment will surge 26 percent this year and contribute three-quarters of the economic expansion, it said."

"Premier Wen Jiabao said last week that the nation’s 8 percent growth target was “difficult but possible,” adding that the government could add stimulus measures at any time. The spending plan through 2010 includes roads, power grids, pipelines and low-cost housing."

Yes, because there's no Congress and they don't get wrapped up in ridiculous debates about "taxpayers on the hook," or, "the legacy of debt left to our children."

Sadly, China's children will probably have a higher standard of living than the current young generation of Americans because of our poisonous belief system. It's also astonishing when you think about it because it is run by a totalitarian communist regime.

One solution: Buy China stocks and put them away for your kids to inherit.

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