Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Bloomberg idiots are at it again!

The idiot journalists at Bloomberg are at it again! Mark Pittman is totally clueless and has admitted to me that he knows the Fed's accepted collateral list is public information, yet he continues to write these inflammatory stories.

"Bloomberg News, a unit of New York-based Bloomberg LP, on May 21 asked the Fed to provide data on collateral posted from April 4 to May 20. The central bank said June 19 that it needed until July 3 to search documents and determine whether it would make them public. Bloomberg didn’t receive a formal response that would let it file an appeal within the legal time limit."

Hey, Bloomberg idiots, the list is here:

Read one of my earlier posts exposing this Bloomberg journalist for the liar that he is. Bloomberg journalists distort the truth.

Please email these jerks ( and tell them that they are idiots and propagating misinformation and ruining our country.

Also, email the Fed and tell them that you know the collateral list is publicly posted and that the Bloomberg idiots are, well, idiots.

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