Friday, August 14, 2009

I'll be on "Cashin' In" on the Fox News Channel tomorrow!

Try to tune in to "Cashin' In" on the Fox News Channel, tomorrow at 11:30am ET.


Matt Franko said...

Tell Bradshaw you're in at least a "two car parade" as I am driving my "cash for clunker" in your same parade!

YOU DID WELL, got some great points across in your limited time!

Email going to fox.


mike norman said...

I missed that. Did he say I was in a one car parade? I guess he was trying to get back at me for telling him several months ago that he probably still believes the world is flat.

Matt Franko said...

Yeah Mike I think he did (he was chuckling when he said it seems like a good guy but yes out of paradigm).
Hey any true contrarian would WANT to be in a one car parade no?

Again great job!