Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Report Will Shock You!!

to be shocked from what I am about to tell you...

The worst performing sector of the stock market is about to become its best!

My latest report I show you why housing stocks are about to experience
an explosive and relentless rise...

In the past 6 weeks housing stocks have gained an average of 40%, or about four times more than the S&P! Yet despite this impressive move there is still much more to come if you know the right stocks.

Why would I make such a bold prediction? Have I gone nuts? Did I just become the perfect candidate for the loony bin?


Just hear me out...

As bad as things are and as painful as the last two years have been, when all is said and done, perhaps sooner than you think, the housing market collapse may look like nothing more than a blip.

That's because I have a mountain of cold, hard, evidence that I am going to show you that will back it up!

My new 19-page report entitled, Pitbull Housing Dispatch, is loaded with statistics and data that present an ironclad argument that the contraction in building that has occurred in this recession is setting the country up for the Mother Of All Housing Shortages! Something on the order of magnitude that we have never seen before!

When you see the numbers...and specifically I am talking about the number of new homes we're putting up compared to what we are going to need, you'll be astonished. You'll understand immediately how unbelievably inadequate it is.

Housing starts in this country are ridiculously low! They're unsustainably low!! They are beyond belief, crazy, scary, low!!!

And it's not just about the absolute number. It's not even about the numbers we're seeing now compared to other times in the past. It's about population growth and demographics and when those things are looked at in the context of our current, paltry level of construction. That's when you see it...that's when the forces of supply and take on the appearance of two asteroids hurtling towards each other at 50,000 mph, about to collide head on!

The energy that will be released in terms of the activity that will be spawned in the building industries, will be mind-boggling, even cosmic!.

I know this is hard to swallow...

I also know that it is normal to be doubtful when the news is incessantly bad...

It's as if someone came along telling you to stock up on heating oil during an August heat wave. That's the last thing you'd want to think about.

...but as an investor those times are often the very best times.

Contrarian thinking is how the most successful investors made their money!

"Why now?" you might be wondering.

After all, you could have said that housing stocks were cheap a year ago or even two years ago for that matter. That would have turned out to be a disastrous call. The reason I am saying NOW IS THE TIME is because the situation has reached critical mass!

You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it snaps back...or breaks.

And you can only stop building homes for so long in a country with a growing population before something breaks as well. And the breaking sound you're hearing is the sound of of the downtrend in real estate, sales, prices and building activity, breaking.

Some of you might still be skeptical and inclined to talk to me about the massive inventory of unsold homes out there. "What 'critical mass'?" you're thinking...the only thing critical are the finances of the millions of Americans who are losing their homes to foreclosures each year...precisely because real estate prices are collapsing and because there are TOO MANY homes.

Believe me when I tell you, not only am I aware of that, but I have analyzed it in detail in my report. Step by step I break it down and show you why the current thinking--that there is a glut--is setting the market up for a huge supply shock not far down the road.

There's also something else I want to share with you...and it has nothing to do with population or demographics or any of the bullish arguments you may have heard before. It has to do with something different...something so profound that it defines the very wealth and standard of living that we enjoy as a nation...and it's about to change...BIG TIME!

What would you say if I told you that the United States risks seeing its housing market deteriorate to a level as dilapidated and ramshackle as that of Haiti or Zimbabwe or Somalia?

I know it sounds crazy. sounds absurd, preposterous, even funny...but it may be about to happen!

At our current rate of new home construction it will take...are you ready for this?...centuries...that's replace our existing housing stock!

That has never been the case in the history of our country. Ever!!

Don't believe me?'s all spelled out for you by the numbers in my report.

That's right...the numbers are there. The data in the report is taken right from the Census Bureau. I do the math for you, or if you wish you can do it's easy...but be forewarned...prepare to be as shocked as I was when I found out.

Successful investors have perspective!

During the Great Depression an enormous amount of wealth was lost. There was suffering and pain and hardship that makes even the extraordinarily difficult times of today seem easy.

The Depression dragged on, lives were ruined and poverty spread all over the land. We have all seen pictures of the soup lines and the myriad dispossessed. If one were to graph what the economy looked like during the Great Depression, including the decade or so leading up to it, it would look like this...

The Great Depression
This is what the Great Depression looked like...UGLY!!!

That is a chart of real GDP per capita, which is the same as saying national income per capita. Not a pretty sight, to be sure.

However, if there is one lesson to be learned from the Depression it is this...eventually it went ended...and when it ended the nation resumed its upward path of growth and prosperity.

The chart I gave you above shows you a very limited amount of time and that time, without question, was nasty and brutal.

However...with some perspective we can take a different view of the Great Depression.

Take a look at the chart below. It is a chart of the per capita GDP of the United States since 1790...

NOW look at the Great Depression when you get some perspective. Can you find it???

Nothing but a tiny little blip back in the early 1930s...but look what followed...a MAMMOTH period of not just recovery, but unprecedented growth and prosperity.

The pessimists of 1932 lost out...are you one of those?

The lesson here is that things recover and the harder they fall the harder they snap back and move past where they were before.

So look at that second graph very closely and NOW consider my prediction of not just a recovery in the housing market, but a period of such enormous boom and activity as never seen before.

Perspective is EXACTLY what you will get in my new report!

All the analysis is in there, along with a mountain of evidence, data and statistics showing why...

New housing starts are at critically low levels

Demographic trends shaping up to create huge and sustained demand for housing
Why no one sees this happening right now

In addition, I will give you my top housing and construction stock recommendations with entry points and profit objectives!

These are the best companies in this industry. They are the leaders in the business and are all publicly traded on regulated U.S. exchanges. Some of these shares have seen enormous price declines, which means you can own them now at bargain basement levels. But you must hurry because they've already started to move up. If you wait any more you risk missing out on significant and easy gains.

But the best thing about this report is that if you buy it you risk nothing!

If you are not convinced of what I am telling you after reading The Pitbull Housing Dispatch then I will give you a full refund of your money.

...In other words, there is absolutely no risk to you!

It's all in here...a storehouse of facts and data that support my view of the coming construction and building boom. In addition, I have included my favorite stock picks...stocks that are extraordinarily cheap right now, but which are also positioned to profit enormously from this developing trend. In fact these stocks are so cheap that gains on these companies, if held for the long-term, could easily range into the hundreds, if not thousands of percent!

It's all here in the Pitbull Housing Dispatch for $39.95...

...And there's absolutely no risk to you!

If you are not satisfied I will refund your money!

You have a choice... you can stay focused on that first chart I gave you, or look at the second one and see things with perspective and vision. The choice is yours, but the path to fortune and success only comes one way.


Mike Norman
Investor, Economist, Founder, Pitbull Economics

Pitbull Housing Dispatch

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