Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where is Peter Schiff?

With the housing market starting to improve, the question becomes, "Where is Peter Schiff?"

My new video explores this mystery and goes back to look at some of Schiff's more infmamous market calls.


ptb said...


You don't have to frequently show your intellectual inferiority by spewing out nonsense from both ends of your mouth.

Did you graduate from high school?

Justin Shafer said...

Something tells me the bonds and high interest rates will happen with obama at the helm. Too bad Ron Paul didnt win. I like you Mike, but I think people on the net still remember you laughing at peter, and calling us all cock roaches, and that really isnt appreciated. Ignore guys like ptb. I like peter, I like you, I like everybody. Put I think you economists have huge egos. You guys should be joining forces over our nations sake, rather then throw stones over small differences of opinion, when you guys do agree on a lot.