Friday, August 28, 2009

My July 24 blog post recommended taking profits on China stocks

Here's my July 24 blog post that explains why I thought it could be a good time to take some profits on China stocks. The Shanghai Index was 3372. It is currently at 2860 or 15% lower.

China had become sensitive about criticism that it was allowing a lending bubble to take place. It put in mild curbs and since then, the market has been trending lower.

I took some profits on China stocks back then, however, I am still long and have been using this pullback to buy shares in companies that I thought had gotten too expensive.

My Special Report on China details a list of over 20 of the highest quality companies that are traded as ADRs on regulated U.S. exchanges.

The report will set you back $39.95, but it is well worth it because besides giving you plenty of good stocks to buy, it has all my rationale and reasons why China is being handed the mantle of economic leadership by the U.S.

Buying into China now is completely different than investing in that country in the past and it's all explained, but only in my report.

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