Tuesday, August 4, 2009

White House Invites CEOs to Lunch, Makes Them Pay for the Meal

This is petty to the point of being ridiculous.

Obama thinks the government is so broke that he has to charge invited guests for meals. The problem is, perception is reality. If he thinks the governemnt is out of money he will behave as if that is true and that is exactly what is happening. That means taxes and fees of all kinds are likely to rise even though we already have 13 million people out of work.

Read White House story here.


Pentagron said...

Not a good example. I knew immediately before reading the article that the issue is conflict of interest. Government employees are not permitted to have a potential vendor pay for lunch, for obvious reasons. In fact, government employees are not allowed to take anything of value from someone seeking to do business with the government. I agree it is hard to understand how making CEOs pay for lunch will eliminate conflicts, but this is often the tortuous way the government operates.

mike norman said...

You may very well be right and now that you mention it I recall seeing something in that article about conflict of interest. However, it still is true that Obama sees the government as being out of money and all policy now has some connection with that view.