Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting Away Koch Free: New Term Enters the Criminology Lexicon

commentary by Roger Erickson

Koch Brothers [ignored] for corrupting hiring practices at FSU and other Colleges

That's been some time back, and nothing's changed. When was the last time we saw that? The 1890s, when any professor still supporting Abe Lincoln's fiat "Greenback Dollar" could be fired from any faculty by - you guessed it - the banking lobby.

Criminals haven't gotten away Koch free with nationwide treason since ... well, since the last time this happened.  It's not a class war until the victims start fighting back.  Until then, it's only voluntary penitance.  Hint to citizens, it's the crooks who are supposed to be in penitentiaries.


Bob said...

The cure for gaming the system, telling lies, cheating, false adverstisments, co opting the gubbament and edumacation system,taking out your competition by whatever means necessary, including prosecutions, extortion, blackmail etc. ALL DONE FOR THE SAKE OF MAKING A PROFIT, THIS IS THE PROBLEM, the Koch brothers were the Warburgs in another era,they come and they go all for the sake of increasing thier position for the sake of profit. The game goes on and on, until everyone gets hurt. Need to change the wallstreet business model of profits and growth at any cost, Example homebuilders taking up land for housing that cannot be supported by the water supply, all will end badly.

Unknown said...

Only if you define non-profit seeking as optimal, can you claim that profit seeking university hiring processes are "corrupted."

State finance universities can be argued as "corrupted" in terms of their hiring practices too. If one defines profit seeking as optimal, then one can argue that state financed universities are "corrupted."

The pursuit of profit is what everyone does. Everyone uses scarce means to accomplish their ends where they hope to improve and be better off than if they didn't do those things. This is profit seeking.

There is no essential difference between profit in the form of money, and profit in the form of prestige, happiness, etc. They are both about humans making their situations better off given a world of resource scarcity.

It's weird seeing money making being attacked on this blog, considering the fact that this blog is all about state money creation, and money making, since money making is the main way such state money creation spreads throughout the economy from goal seeking person to goal seeking person, and do what MMTers claim money does.

A blog on modern monetary theory that attacks money making, is like a Harley Davidson blog that attacks motorcycle driving.