Thursday, December 27, 2012

Marshall Auerback — Let’s Cut the Crap About Japan’s ‘Lost Decade’

While economic growth may help to improve standards of living and to meet the needs arising from population growth, it is not clear that there is a direct relationship between improved welfare and economic growth, especially for developed economies. The case of Japan shows us that we need, alternative measures to the Gross Domestic Product, such as the Genuine Progress Indicator, (which incidentally show no significant improvement in U.S. economic welfare since the mid-1970s – so who has really experienced ‘lost decades”?). Rising socio-economic and environmental problems have outweighed the gains from increased final output. It’s time to move away from the simple caricature of Japan and consider whether we need a better way to measure economic progress.
Global Economic Intersection
Let’s Cut the Crap About Japan’s ‘Lost Decade’
Marshall Auerback

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