Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Could YOU Accomplish With 30 Million Available Staff?

commentary by Roger Erickson

UK employment set to reach record high of 30 million by 2015

Damn! With a workforce like that, you could start a country from scratch! They could even completely feed & provision themselves, as a self-sufficient economy. There weren't even that many humans on the whole planet 100K years ago.  Talk about potential.

Since there's no unclaimed geography available, it means some virtual economies can be organized?

And in the USA? Ha! We're still #1! Whoo hoo!!! We have ~82 million people available for work right now.

Nevermind the aristocratic rankings. Holy Freakin' Fiat, FinanceMan! Our country is looking at this entirely the wrong way.

[Can't imagine what they're thinking over there in BoffinCity, UK. Their stiff-upper-class aristocrats are still arguing over whether to take care of their own by honoring sports heros or crooks with a Knighthood (whatever that is). Knighthood is a bone occasionally thrown to the lower class dogs? Rather like letting one of 'em win the lottery once in a while?]

Meanwhile, China is running up it's own fiat tab with itself, with ambitious abandon. They're actually working on employing their available co-citizens? Wotta concept! How come we never thought of that? :(

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