Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fabius Maximus — News from the front lines of the battle to create a New America

Summary: One of the biggest stories of our time is the evolution of the America-that-once-was into The New America. It’s so slow to be easily missed, especially since it’s a melody the news media cannot hear. And those they look to for advice, the courtiers of the Versailles-on-the-Potomac, will not hear it. Here are the some of the latest reports on this grand theme. These were all reported on our twitter feed, @FabiusMaximus01. Subscribe to give yourself a front seat on this battle (it will become a battle if we decide to fight back).
News from the front lines of the battle to create a New America.
Fabius Maximus


David said...

From the linked article about the role of money in the last election:

"Big Money’s most significant impact on politics is certainly not to deliver elections to the highest bidders. Instead it is to cement parties, candidates, and campaigns into the narrow range of issues that are acceptable to big donors."

Eeyup and amen.

WillORNG said...

Eeyup me duck from Nottingham; home of eeyup me duck!