Friday, December 28, 2012

William Black: Neo-Liberals are Cruel and Progressives are Morons

Nice post by Prof. William Black at NEP that distills down what he sees as the main differences between neo-liberal economists and mainstream political progressives.
Students are taught that national budgets are really just like household budgets. These dogmas are not simply false, they are self-destructive and cruel. Neo-liberal economics is so bad and has gone downhill at such a rapid rate that it now worships the economic analog to bleeding patients – austerity – as a response to a Great Recession. Millions of people are indoctrinated annually into believing this long-falsified nonsense, and that includes people who consider themselves progressives.
And he "names names", calling out the morons Howard Dean, Andrew Stern, Simpson, Bowles and top-moron Pete Peterson.

Throw the book at 'em Attorney Black!

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