Thursday, April 25, 2013

Michel Bauwens — Four Scenarios for the Future of Capitalism

"The Great Rebirth: The Future of Capitalism, Economy, and Exchange." Christopher Manfredi. Journal of Futures Studies, March 2013, 17(3): 127-130

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Four Scenarios for the Future of Capitalism
posted by Michel Bauwens


Dan Kervick said...

IT would be good to see a definition of "capitalism."

Anonymous said...

Somewhat related, it's important to follow the trend of CB's to invest in stock markets.

"The survey of 60 central bankers, overseeing a combined $6.7 trillion, found that low bond returns had prompted almost half to take on more risk. Fourteen said they had already invested in equities or would do so within five years. Those conducting the annual poll had never before asked that question."

Tom Hickey said...

Capitalism is defined as a social and economic system where capital assets are mainly owned and controlled by private persons, where labor is purchased for money wages, capital gains accrue to private owners, and the price mechanism is utilized to allocate capital goods between uses. The extent to which the price mechanism is used, the degree of competitiveness, and government intervention in markets distinguish exact forms of capitalism. — Macmillan Dictionary of Modern Economics, 3rd Ed., 1986, p. 54.

From Wikipedia - Capitalism

The Wikipedia article shows how capitalism is broad category. There is even state capitalism.

Matt Franko said...

" Controlled capitalism means using the combined power of government entities and world banks along with integrated market measures to ensure an efficient and robust economy."

I am starting to detest the term 'capitalism' but that aside I'd like to see this thus:

"....the authority of government utilizing it's fiscal agents and regulated markets to ensure an efficient and robust economy..."