Tuesday, April 30, 2013

euro Currency - Looking Back on Arrival of The Child of Consensus

Commentary by Roger Erickson

The Child of Consensus

As usual, stellar advice and commentary was available. Also as usual, too few were listening, or adequately evaluating the context of the advice, or it's implications.

Why is it that we work so hard to invest in everything except our own democracy, the platform supporting all our trivial investments? We treat our own democracy like an illegitimate child, despite the brief consensus at the moment of conception.

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Roger Erickson said...

Given that the TBTJ jail banksters turned out to all be pricks. Does that make the imposed euro currency "child" the result of union, or class rape?

If it was an arranged marriage, will it end in a shotgun divorce?

So far, the confused "spouses" aren't even sure which pyre to throw themselves on - or whether they even want to.