Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weep for Lithuania - They're About To Be Owned!

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Their favorite politician doesn't see the truck coming around the same track - for the 11th year running! Worse, one of her employers is driving it!

Lithuanian President "Dalia Grybauskaite": [We Love the euro-zone, and cant Wait to Sell Out Our Country Altogether!]

Wow! Which "we" is she referring to? Her interview is simply chock full of over simplifications and outright misrepresentations.

With politicians like that, who needs Innocent Frauds, or even outright traitors?

Banksters don't even have to steal the country's resources and labor, or buy them on the cheap. Lithuania is actively giving their freedoms away - so long as the thiefs are not Russians. This is a sad end to 1000 years of history.

First they fought. Then they were finally forced - at the point of a sword - to cede their souls to the Catholic Church. Then they were subsequently conquered by Danes, Germans, Swedes and Russians, in various sequences. Then they finally regained their freedom .... and their "leaders" are now are desperately looking for someone else to give it to - ASAP? What's the hurry? Can the kickback for madame President and her cronies really be worth it? How do  you say "Control Fraud" in Lithuanian? Valdymo SukĨiavimu? (Hope that translates.)

Not surprisingly, the trajectory of this particular politician, is entirely predictable.

She was reportedly European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget from 2004 to 2009, and is in line to take an even higher EEU position after her first term as Lithuanian president. [Surely no one could have predicted THAT! :( Is her code name "Agent Smith?"]

At least there is some remaining resistance within Lithuania.* Will it be too little or too late for an electorate still digesting the threat of Vladimer Putin? Will the youth of Lithuania fight for what is theirs ... or calculate that it's easier to just emigrate, as they've been doing in record numbers? Seems a shame to let banksters export citizens like commandeered bread, exactly when the country is starving itself of talent and forgoing it's own options, just to pad the pockets of a few elites.

* Sane people worldwide who want to urge Lithuanians to NOT cede sovereignty to the ECB are free to add their names to this ongoing list. Surely many emigres might want to wade in?

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Magpie said...

You hit the nail squarely with this comment.

I know it's a horrible word; I know we all have delicate sensibilities; but I think we should start rehearsing the word "treason", as in Quisling, as in Judas.