Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Self As A Stable Store of Dynamic Value

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Just when you thought that China couldn't outdo us as capitalists, a new first.

Chinese Man Sues Wife and Wins, for Birthing an Ugly Baby

Poor woman and child. Anyway, the Comrades may have already known a thing or two about family and clan-based capitalism, but they might not be up on Western court tactics. In the US, she would have been chased down by a lawyer and advised to Countersue Him for Having an Ugly Character, which he fraudulently didn't disclose during courtship.

Can they distinguish between courtship and courtship behind the Noodle Curtain?

Now, just this in. Maybe the Comrades ARE learning about western court systems too. Once they've seen a gay SCOTUS, how 'ya gonna keep 'em home in the village?

Chinese Sue Fed For Monopoly USD Devaluation | Zero Hedge »
In what could grow into a class action in US courts, a Chinese woman is suing the Federal Reserve after discovering that the real value of the USD250 she put in an account in 2006 had shrunk by 30%...

What? Now any country issuing fiat currency can be sued for fiat use of fiat?
[What's the legal definition of, and penalty for, compound fiat? An ugly Abarth?]

What was the cross examination like? Did the opposing lawyer ask her what else she saved UNUSED from 2006, that retained it's same value. Her own brain?

Her apparent claim is that someone "in charge" should have stopped her from not leveraging her assets? Can't wait to see how the party boss, er, "Judge" rules.

Whoa. No wonder the world spins. It keeps everyone's (well most people's) brains from atrophying? I can't account for this lady. Maybe she was caught in a reverse spin cycle. Karl Rove's, perhaps.

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