Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Best Way to Leverage an Electorate-wide Cognitive Impairment ... Is To Own One?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

The best way to leverage a society's cognitive impairment ... is to create and effectively own one. (Aka, Divide & Conquer.)

Corporate fraud? Pooh! There are even bigger targets. What does this imply about civic fraud, i.e., about the 1% who now buy most politicians and, by default, "own" our Congress, POTUS and even SCOTUS? How many have heard of the age-old scam called "royalty" and "Divine Right?" It's now diluted to merely "Upper Class," yet it is that class of rulers-by-fraud who have, over the years, paid to have orthodox economics "invented," as a "management" theory. Or rather, various books, mathematical and social, have been cooked, in order to come up with the dogmatic ideology called "orthodox" economics. They have the audacity to claim that it is for "our own good."  @#$%&!

Methinks the Deficit Terrorists professing deep "worry" about our Fiat Deficit, i.e., our Great Straw Man ... doth protest too much. Their self-serving propaganda is, upon examination, ALWAYS too transparent to survive exposure to sunlight. Hence, it's always a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Supposedly "Too Complicated" to explain to the common citizen. R&R have finally come full circle, and redefined the public concept of R&R.  If we are truly running out of fiat, can we start by dedicating less attention to these narcissistic frauds? There are simply more interesting things for Americans to be discussing and doing. Let's get on with it.

Listen up, fellow citizens. There is no uniquely Russian mob, nor any uniquely British banksters. There is just the reality of inevitable self-parasitism in all growing networks or systems. NeoCons, stupidly immoral Temptation and Self-Parody are thy names!

Good citizens don't let co-citizens become the 1% uber-parasites! It's a pointless, transient addiction. We've known this since the time of Cicero. Why isn't everyone - including the 1% - bored with it by now? Lack of intellect? Lack of adequate prior training, practice and education?

"A mind without instruction can no more bear fruit than can a field, however fertile, without cultivation."  Cicero

Ditto for a nation's group-mind without systemic education. It cannot prosper without constantly pushing BEYOND the former boundaries of EARLY education. Record indebtedness through student loans? ARE YOU JOKING? If so, it's an unfathomably cruel joke!  To be more, we have to cultivate our citizenry, not deprive ourselves of our own options, opportunities and capabilities. It is shameful that any American even has to be reminded of this basic, timeless fact.

Let's distribute a pdf synopsis of Bill Black's "Control Fraud" expose to every K-12 teacher, nay EVERY K-12 STUDENT, in the USA. That little step should trigger the change in Situational Awareness that we need.

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