Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Educating Bulgarian Citizens About Modern Currency Operations (MMT)

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Having mentioned a Lithuanian beachead for MMT, it's time to again call attention to a Bulgarian blog bringing the same message to it's citizens.

Bulgaria and Modern [Currency Operations] by Ryan Markov.

Please help Ryan by leaving comments and suggestions at his blog site.


Райчо Марков said...

Thank you, Roger. I think only Bulgarians can help Bulgarian MMT blog. :-) And they better be Bulgarian media or other popular Bulgarian blogs. I've gotten whatever I could from Twitter, Facebook, comments in BG newspapers, magazines and blogs.

My experience so far confirms the experiences of other MMT people in US and other countries. For some reason MMT ideas are difficult to be accepted - so many years mainstream brainwashing... We have just to keep going, day after day, after day...

A formal MMT international organization with membership fees and everything would help a lot I think.

Detroit Dan said...

My Bulgarian language skills are not so good (-: