Friday, November 29, 2013

Aunt Samantha Needs YOU! To Help Our Country Use Our Group Brain - Not Just Sit On It.

(commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

How Many Dogs and How Many Bones?

And the "solution" is to hire outside dogs to keep the starving dogs from fighting ... TOO aggressively?

I'm weeping for my country, my Middle Class, and my people.

Someone has my people right where they want 'em. 

Yet why do they want 'em there? Purely out of boredom? Now progressed to OCMD? (AKA, obsessive-compulsive merchant disorder; AKA 1% disease?)

WalMart has become the modern gladiatorial games, staged purely for the bloodfinance-thirsty lust of the OCDM 1%.

Listen up, dawgs. If you want your own idiot-savant "master" merchants to "provide" you with ACCESS TO MORE OF YOUR OWN FIAT, then simply lead the idiot-savant OCMDs to direct a policy of seeking national goals WORTHY of your country's full mobilization.

You want an example?

1% Idiot Savant Gentry: [What do they do for fun? Oh, try to own and run the country.]

CODDLED 1% Kiddies: "We're BORED. There's NOTHING to DO outside with the country! We want more toys. Waah."

Middle Class Mommy-to-1% (Aunt Samantha): "Nonsense! You have a group brain. So USE it, and FIND something worth having the country do! Now get OUT of my way.
   I've got work to do just feeding this growing country. 
   Now, out, out. Get out of the kitchen.
   And don't come back 'til suppertime!
   And QUIT whining - or I'll give you something worth whining about!"
(Under her breath: "1% kids today! They were running the country into the ground anyway. 'Bout time they start learning how to use their country's group brain, not just sit on it.")

That's what YOU get when YOU let your mega-merchants try to run the country all by themselves. If war is too important to leave to the generals, then surely EVERY process and policy is too important to be left to the PRESUMED process owners?

Aunt Samantha and Uncle Sam need YOU, to help us all use OUR group brain - not just sit on it!

The only cure for obsessive-compulsive merchant disorder; AKA 1% disease, is to create, and then hoard Dynamic Assets (coordination capabilities), not Static Assets.

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Roger Erickson said...

In the end, 1% cannot rule 99%. If the 99% simply refuse to cooperate.