Tuesday, November 26, 2013

gjohnsit — 4 reasons sequestration cuts are about to get much worse

We are 8 months into sequestration, and if you think things are bad now just wait a few more months.
Here is a list and approximate timeline of things to expect in the near future.
Daily Kos
4 reasons sequestration cuts are about to get much worse

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Clonal said...

From the gjohnsit diary - "The reason is more simple than you may have guessed: Americans are becoming jerks.

Starting in 2007, the portion of Americans who said the government should guarantee every person enough to eat and a place to sleep started falling, from 69 percent to 59 percent last year. People who said the government should help the needy, even if it means going deeper into debt, fell from 54 percent to 43 percent over the same period...
Six years after the 1991 recession ended, public attitudes on the virtues of helping the needy had started to move back up. Today, six years after the onset of the last recession, those numbers are still moving down.

If you can judge a country by what a majority of it think, then maybe America simply isn't a special country anymore."

People become parsimonious when they are under financial pressure, and their savings are declining. However, the media would have them believe that the Government debt is their own debt.

They do not realize, that as the government debt shrinks, there own savings are shrinking.

The ex banker, and now ex. Congressman Pete Stark said it best "National Debt is the National Wealth"

People made fun of his statement, because it is so counterintuitive. So the downward spiral continues until every person is at his/her neighbour's throat,balmaing everybody, and not knowing how to get out of the mess - a mess created by a profound misunderstanding od society and government.