Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brett Scott — LSFA: Building a financial hackerspace in 3 phases

 Note: "Hacking" has acquired the sense of breaking into a cybersystem access data. The actual meaning is to alter the code (rules, structure) of an existing system to make it perform better.
Over the last 5 years I’ve been working on ways to break down the oppressive wall of mystique that shrouds global finance, and to experiment with methods of 'hacking' financial systems. At first this took the form of my own ‘gonzo’ anthropological explorations of the world of derivatives trading. It has since merged into me working with campaign groups like ActionAid, MoveYourMoneyUK and the World Development Movement, and getting involved in the alternative finance community via initiatives like the Finance Innovation Lab.
In 2013, whilst writing The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance, I decided to start developing an experiential workshop series to help London's diverse array of activists, artists and alternative economists grapple with the financial sector in their midst. I decided to call this London School of Financial Activism (LSFA)....
Suitpossum: Post-Crisis Adventures in Financial Subversion

Anarchic Adventures in Arts, Activism, Anthropology and Alternative Economics

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