Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ian Welsh — Ukraine’s Unelected Government Imposes IMF Austerity

Meanwhile the new PM in the Ukraine is imposing IMF austerity measures, like removing subsidies on Gas (50% increase) and cutting pensions (50%) cut. He says he’s on a Kamikazee mission. That’s because he’s not elected, so he can do thing that an elected leader could never do.
Which is to say: there is a coup, backed by a popular uprising in the capital, which puts in place an unelected government, which does things that elected governments repeatedly refused to do. The East and South of the country, which voted in the last elected government, is unhappy with this.
It’s really hard to conclude that Crimea didn’t do the right thing for most of their population by joining Russia. 50% increase in natural gas prices and 50% cut in pensions? Would you stand still for that? Oh, and the average pension in the Ukraine is—$160/month. $80 after it’s cut.
Ukraine’s Unelected Government Imposes IMF Austerity
Ian Welsh

Simultaneously, President Obama echoes the neocon excoriation of President Putin for acting like Hitler. Hypocritical isn't the word for it. More like conspiratorial.


The Rombach Report said...
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The Rombach Report said...

IMF fascism at work again and probably much too close for comfort as far as Russia is concerned.