Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bloomberg — Obama Says Putin’s Challenging the World Order in Ukraine

President Barack Obama said indifference to Russia’s attempt to unilaterally redraw the boundaries of Ukraine would ignore the lessons that are written in the cemeteries for the dead in two world wars.
The U.S. and Europe are at “a moment of testing,” as Russia challenges the ideals of democracy, free markets and international law that have spread peace and prosperity....
He cast the most tense confrontation for NATO since the collapse of the Soviet Union as a battle between 21st Century ideals and “the old way of doing things.”...
“We must meet the challenge to our ideals -- to our very international order -- with strength and conviction,” Obama said in the speech.

Neoliberalism and neoconservatism wrapping itself in slogans and putting themselves forward as "ideals." More blather like "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" when the world is controlled by competing power and economic elites.

Obama Says Putin’s Challenging the World Order in Ukraine
Julianna Goldman and Mike Dorning
(h/t Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism)


Anonymous said...

So is subversion of elected governments by the CIA and ex-pat oligarchs the new 21st Century way of doing things or the old 20th century way?

Matt Franko said...

Does anybody (btw Dem or GOP) even care what this man says these days?

Peter Pan said...

The color-coded revolutions are new. The 529 death sentences announced in Egypt are decidedly old school.

Tom Hickey said...

Dan, the twisted thinking is that the end justifies the means when it comes to advancing the "ideal" of "freedom" (neoliberalism) and "democracy" (neoconservatism). So the CIA is tasked with that abroad and now DHS domestically, as the brutal suppression of Occupy coordinated by DHS working with corporate interests that they were "protecting" goes to show.

It's all cynical propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Tom, whatever their thinking is, it bugs me to no end when our leaders treat us like we were born yesterday. I know there is always a new crop of babes in the wood among US citizens, but no one who has been following the post-Soviet power struggle in the Russian "near abroad" - with all the color-coded CIA shenanigans and oligarchic skullduggery - should have any illusions about the Ukrainian revolution being just some kind of spontaneous spasm.

Roger Erickson said...

Wasn't the entire thesis of the NeoCons to "change the world order?"

To one that only they control?

Putin would then be a counter-counter-counter-counter-revolutionary to these latest NeoCon revolutionary tyrants?

Makes one ponder ways to counter the head spinning.

Roger Erickson said...

case in point

Watch the US Drop 2.5 Million Tons of Bombs on Laos
Picturing the deadly legacy of America's secret war in the world's most bombed-out country.