Thursday, March 27, 2014

Izabella Kaminska — There can be only one

Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus provides an excellent opportunity to expand on my ongoing thesis that what we’re witnessing in the tech sector is a Highlander-style fight to the death in which only one name can survive and in so doing inherit THE WORLD.

The battle consequently isn’t just another rendition of the standard game of monopoly. This time, the stakes are much, much, greater because the technology involved opens the door to potential godhood itself. Consider what’s being played for: robot armies, artificial intelligence, control of all the data, all the electric power, all of space and probably the ability to manage matter if not biology itself — and on a totally borderless basis. Sovereigns don’t stand a chance against the power that could emerge.
Conventional economics won’t matter either when that day comes because we will all be serfs to the one guy who knows all the crypto command codes.
This is Bond villain megalomaniac territory....
It's about dominance.

There can be only one
Izabella Kaminska


Matt Franko said...

I think this is a bit over the top to say the least...

Lets not get carried away with what we think is the importance of these systems that mostly facilitate over-grown teeny bopper texting and broadcasting of personal reasonings ... they dont really matter and they are currently way overvalued in the marketplace.

Tom Hickey said...

Actually, it's not new. GE started this some time ago with the policy that it would not enter a market it could not expect to dominate and it won't enter a market that is not worth dominating globally. They think big over there.

Anonymous said...

Time to break them all up.

Peter Pan said...

Diversity is life. The author is arguing in favor of stagnation and death. No one wants that.

Break them up. If it's a natural monopoly, regulate.