Saturday, March 29, 2014

Look at this crap analysis of the euro from Citi's FX group

Read this Citi analysis of the euro.What a bunch of ueseless garbage. They fail to even mention the one and only reason the euro remains strong: AUSTERITY!! It's austerity, stupid! Austerity removes euro from the system. Makes euro harder to get. Creates a shortage.

The Citi "analysts" end their article with this pathetic expression of conviction:

We are no less convinced than we were at the start of the year that EURUSD is going to head much lower over the coming years
We anticipated this move would already have begun at this stage yet we sit at almost the exact level where we closed 2013
We believe the “day of reckoning” is not far away and that as detailed above the building blocks are now falling in place. We may have already peaked with the marginal new high posted at 1.3967 this month but either way we are skeptical of any sustainable move over 1.40 materialising and still believe that we may see EURUSD much closer to 1.20 than 1.40 before this year is behind us.

The "day of reckoning."

"Building blocks."

OMG, what a joke.

Do yourself a favor and fade these guys and take their (and their clients') money. You're doing the world a favor, believe me. Consider it as euthanizing something sick.

Any currency analyst should understand that auserity keeps a currency strong. Look at what happened to Latvia or Estonia, when they imposed austerity to position to join the euro. Their economies collapsed, but their currencies soared.

These analysts at Citi (and on Wall Street in general) are clueless.

By the way...I teach this in my course and it's one of the reasons why I have been able to rack up 10 months without a loss and grow my account by 120% and a client's account by 40% in one month.


Precious Metasl Life said...

I recommended your coarse in a forum this week.

The Rombach Report said...

Mike - Do you calculate a Sharpe Ratio for your returns?