Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chuck Spinney — Ukraine: Manna From Heaven for the Green Line and Beyond Crowd

Strategist Chuck Spinney weighs in.
Most Americans know very little about the immediate origins of the crisis in the Ukraine and their government’s involvement in it. They know even less about its deeper roots, that reach back into Russian view of American duplicity in breaking its verbal promises not to expand NATO and the European Union eastward (useful summaries can be found here and here). These promises were interpreted quite reasonably by the Russians as a quid pro quo for Mikhail Gorbachev’s agreement to (1) the unification of Germany, (2) the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and (3) the withdrawal of Soviet forces from eastern Europe. Gorbachev’s dream of a common European Home was always fanciful, but today, Ukraine proves it is in tatters.
If one is to believe the reportage in the mainstream media, the duly elected but decidedly corrupt government of the Ukraine was overthrown by a spontaneous revolt of the freedom-seeking Ukrainian people. But it is also clear from leaked recordings of phone conversations and the bloviations of U.S. “pro-defense” legislators that members of the U.S. government were at least tangentially involved, as were Ukrainian neo-fascists.
There is much more, however. This article by investigative reporter Steve Weissman is Part 1 in a series of reports detailing the nature of that involvement in the current crisis. It should be read carefully, because Weissman reveals a mind-boggling maze of tentacles reaching deeply into the Ukrainian regime change gambit.
Even if half his facts are wrong, Weissman proves a lot of hidden agendas are in play....
When it comes to power politics, there is always the agenda and the hidden agenda — what the public is fed by way of propaganda and what is really going on behind the curtain.

Ukraine: Manna From Heaven for the Green Line and Beyond Crowd
Franklin C. Spinney, former military analyst for the Pentagon

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