Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Christian Parenti — Reading Hamilton From the Left

About "Hamilton’s 'American School of economics and its successor in the 'American System' of Henry Clay of Kentucky, with its package of policy ideas drawn from The Report: a high tariff, a national bank, public funding of infrastructure or 'internal improvements.'”

Reading Hamilton From the Left
Christian Parenti


Septeus7 said...

I believe that article is the best article on Hamilton that I've ever read from a left pundit. Finally, the left are starting to understand that Jefferson was a reactionary slave holding A-Hole and that Hamilton was the pro-worker revolutionary.

My only problem with the American School is it's harmony of interest doctrine.

I believe that behavioral science has now proven that the rich will become psychopathic inherently and cannot be made to share interests with the rest of us as the source of their psychological validation comes the amount distance they can put between them and rest of us. They must culled and we must practice eugenics on the rich as potentially group threaten outliers.

Sadly, the most powerful tend not to think of themselves as the socially defective outliers so this unlikely to happen.

Matt Franko said...

but Septeus, Jefferson was a big supporter of "industrial hemp".... ;)