Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Karl Rove Engineers Attacks on Democrat Supporters of Simpson-Bowles

Story via the Rachel Maddow operation at MSNBC:

Now Rove’s Crossroads is back with another ad that does pretty much the same thing, this one hitting Senator Kay Hagan in North Carolina over Social Security’s retirement age. 
The spot, which is backed by more than $1 million, says Hagan is a “big believer” in a “controversial plan” that “raises the retirement age,” while the words “raises Social Security retirement age” flash on the screen. It also claims the plan Hagan supports “increases out-of-pocket Medicare costs.” 
Yes, it appears Rove’s Crossroads is attacking Hagan for saying nice things about the Simpson Bowles debt reduction plan, which squeezes seniors by cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.
Probably not yet time to take Rove off the moron list, but it is fair to say that he is the highest profile political operative yet to take a hack at the Simpleton-Bowels er... I mean the Simpson-Bowles people.

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The Just Gatekeeper said...

This is great. I hope this is the final evidence that Democrats need to never again support cutting SS or agreeing with Simpleton-Bowels.