Friday, August 29, 2014

Ron Jacobs — The Rational Unreason of Imperial War

I’m not one to disparage the potential and real violence of the entity calling itself the Islamic State. Then again, I am also not one to call for the unleashing of violence by the entity calling itself the United States. As the entire world knows, it is due in large part to the latter’s violence that we are where we are today—in Iraq and elsewhere. Those champions of US military violence who insist on its innate humanitarianism also want us to believe that the violence is undertaken with no economic or hegemonic designs real or implied. Of course, this is nonsense. Powerful states do not intentionally act against their own interests, especially when it comes to military intervention. 
Instead of humanitarianism, one should always consider power and money when it comes to the machinations of empire.…
Psychopaths are highly rational.
By pretending war is reasonable, the possibility of preventing it becomes ever more remote.
Dissident Voice

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