Friday, August 29, 2014

Paul B. Farrell — Opinion: 7 reasons women will lead the new world order

“Men are losing their grip,” wrote Jennifer Homans in her New York Times review of “The End of Men and Rise of Women,” Hanna Rosin’s bestseller. “Patriarchy is crumbling. We are reaching ‘the end of 200,000 years of human history and the beginning of a new era’ in which women, and womanly skills and traits, are on the rise.” Warning guys, this is the last gasp of your male-dominated patriarchy.
I always enjoy Farrell's writing. This is a good one.

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Opinion: 7 reasons women will lead the new world orderPaul B. Farrell


Peter Pan said...

What's good about it?

Tom Hickey said...

Well, for one thing it shows how ill-conceived the "war on women" is socially, politically, economically, and demographically. Women are coming into their power.

If you know any younger women or are even observant you will see less and less difference in attitude and behavior between the sexes. Contrary to conventional wisdom, women don't lose their femininity ("hotness") by being well-educated, smart, prosperous, competitive, etc., which were previously the province of males.

It's very evident here in Iowa City, home of the University Iowa, which pioneered women's sports.

"Don't buck the trend."

The era of male dominance is coming to a close, and a lot of "traditional" males, who think that women's place is in the kitchen and that children should be seen but not heard are getting freaked out by it and reacting weirdly.

One of the weirder manifestations is the current assertion of the male "right to rape" as the signal of male dominance. So this is far from over yet, but progress is being made.

Septeus7 said...

I frankly don't know what you talking about. Dominance of Women been increasing power since the 1860s when the legal custody of children shifted from fathers to mothers and I don't buy the narrative that women where historically powerless victims in the past.

Second, I don't know anyone who says men have a "right to rape." The debate that I've heard is over due process on University campus and the general question of why University Admins are involving themselves in criminal judication.

What women to do lose by being career focused is population fertility as the demographics show. You are turning us Japanese.

You are celebrating a Behavioral Sink ala John C. Calhoun.

Civilization that is in death state do this as the basis of civilization is making men responsible for their children.

I don't understand celebrating the regression toward tribal matriarch family.e. the traditional single Mother and supporting Uncle model especially when Neoliberalism make the necessarily expansion of a welfare state to act a surrogate provider is discouraged.

Why support the rise of single motherhood during an age of austerity?

Peter Pan said...

Where I live, women hold pink collar jobs, as they always have. Very few are employed in traditionally male occupations. Most women who have families also work, because they need the income.

The NWO may be evident in Iowa City, where I assume there is little poverty, or need for non white collar workers?

The attractiveness of unemployed males has not changed as far as I can tell.

Septeus7 said...

Quote: "Where I live, women hold pink collar jobs, as they always have. Very few are employed in traditionally male occupations"

Yes. Very few women do construction, fishing, logging, trucking, coal mining, work on high power electric lines, piloting, roofing, sewer work and Hazmat, Heavy Machining, military combat, welding, oil rigging, fire fighting, farming and ranching.

The idea "pink professions" is actually a myth as most those professions where actually done by men until forced out by women who liked cushy clerical work rather than factory work which was traditional women's work.

Yes, male professions, which account for 90+% of workplace deaths, aren't important and are obsolete to society according to the Feminist bourgeoisie.

Where are the programs to bring women into these professions? Where's equality?

The "New Left" apparently enjoys the prospect of the "forgotten men" as a liberation for women as men go obsolete and are ground down in the new capitalism.

I would kill for a pink collar profession i.e. clerical (which used to be man's work until the ladies forced men out), childcare, nursing, teaching, house cleaning, etc...

I'll believe men are obsolete when a chick joins me cleaning solar panels rooftop in 100 degree weather or stacking a few thousand 75-lbs buckets onto pallets or any hard low paying hard labor that are the only growth jobs right now (outside of retail, fast food). The only women I've seen close to these profession are older immigrants cause no white women are going anywhere near anything that is actually productive hard labor.

Hanna Rosin and her white knights need to check their privilege. I view this article as essentially an elitist gloating about the destruction of the organized traditional labor with no small help of gender politics as a wedge issue.

Warren's "Two-Income Trap" about the scam that capitalist pulled on women in the creation of the dual income household is a good start on how the capitalist use feminism to attack labor.

Septeus7 said...

Quote: "The attractiveness of unemployed males has not changed as far as I can tell."

Yep, I observe the same thing as well but don't go around and saying too often or too loud. I was recently censored from Alternet for suggesting that it was rational to men to seek women under 30 when wanting to start families but that paradoxically is also rational for women to follow their hypergamous inclinations when starting a family which explains why marriage and family formation is being pushed back age wise as it is harder and harder for younger men to have the economic success required by today's more successful females. I thought is a fairly benign rational observation.

As a result, these insane SJWs claimed that I should be attracted to 35+ successful single women with careers and children and I was a perverted creep for even wanting women to marry a women under 30 rather than let the young women enjoy their "freedom of their youth" with many young stud lovers and that I should wait till they have had their fun and if I didn't enjoy being cuckolded as sexy I was misogynist MRA.

It was also suggested that that young poor guys should join a male harem for older "sexy" career women as career as men have same sexual options as women and that wrinkles and fat are sexy and if I didn't agree that was also bigoted misogyny and thin privilege.

As a guy who has worked his butt off to lose 120 lbs and keep it off for 4+ years I found this depressing that women think so little of themselves and their personal ability to take control of their lives.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Camille Paglia is likely laughing her butt off at this so called NWO.

Malmo's Ghost said...

It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be