Saturday, August 30, 2014

Max Fisher — Why no one wants to call Russia's invasion of Ukraine an invasion




Detroit Dan said...

Why is this so funny?

Peter Pan said...

#3 is sort of funny.

Tom Hickey said...

Mixed signals. The press is running away with the "invasion" meme and TPTB have backed off it for several reasons, not the least of which is that the IMF cannot fund countries at war.

The strategy is to demonize Russia so as to impose tough sanctions that will cause Putin to call off the rebels he supposed controls from fighting. That is not working out as planned, and the insurgents are kicking ass instead.

Meanwhile, sanctions are also biting down on Europe, leaders are becoming concerned about Russian energy continuing to flow as winter approaches, and no one wants to provoke a nuclear war with Russia that will be fought with Europe as the battleground.

Lot's of handwringing going on, but no one yet is ready to abandon Atlanticism under US leadership.

This is not the way the the neocon State Department-CIA engineered coup was supposed to go.

It's really quite funny in a macabre way.

Detroit Dan said...

I get it now. Thanks...

Dan Lynch said...

Fisher has been taking a very anti-Russian stance on Ukraine at every step of the way, and I've lost all respect for him. He's either a fool or a propagandist.

Besides the laughable reasons Fisher suggested, it is my understanding that the IMF is not allowed to make loans to a country that is at war and NATO is not allowed to accept new members that are at war. So if Ukraine admits that it is at war, that rules out aid from the IMF or NATO.