Monday, October 27, 2014

Bill Mitchell on "Innocent Hypocrites": Those Blithely Unaware That Hypocrisy Has No Limits In Ideology-Land.

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)
The Best Way To Succeed In Life Is To Consistently Act On ALL The Advice We Give To Other Populations ... So We'd Soon Stop Preaching To Them So Much (and vice versa)

"It all goes to show ... what a sorry, failed enterprise the Eurozone actually is."

There are 53 mentions of Germany and 52 mentions of "Commission" in this post, most having to do with ongoing hypocrisy, within the entire EU Parliament and all of it's Commissions.

Structural reforms, anyone? Top down?

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Roger Erickson said...

In a land where every perp is innocent ... there is no responsibility?

We're all innocent failures now. Welcome to the trap door.

"No one could have predicted .. that my prediction wouldn't be prescient?" Then we're all Innocent Crooks now too.