Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gilbert Doctorow — Twilight of the Gods: George Soros in Brussels

George Soros’s press conference in Brussels on Thursday, 23 October, had one unifying theme, his loathing of Russia.
Nominally it was to publicize his latest essay, “Wake Up, Europe” released several days ago on the online edition of The New York Review of Books and already republished in various world newspapers of record in local languages.
But both in his introductory remarks and in answers to questions from the floor Soros also went into a variety of side issues, making at times some genuinely newsworthy statements. In this short essay we will examine first what Soros said and second what was written for him.
Russia Insider
Twilight of the Gods: George Soros in Brussels
Gilbert Doctorow | Founder of the European office, Committee on East-West Accord

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