Thursday, October 30, 2014

Russia Insider — Stalin is Seriously Popular In Russia

Here's another thing the Western media isn't reporting.

Stalin is seen by huge numbers of Russians as a hero, including many top intellectuals and political leaders. Their reasoning is too complex to go into here. We'll try to address this is a future article. But trust us, it's a very main-stream opinion. Off-hand guess: - maybe half of Russians believe this…
For now - here is a photo we came across of a billboard in Tatarstan, which is in central Russia. It says: 
He destroyed the "Fifth Column". (In Russian political discourse, the "Fifth Column" is a broad term for liberals, people sympathetic to Western ideas, people who consciously or unconsciously undermine the Russian government, traitors. It is a term heard frequently today to describe liberals and people opposed to Putin.) 
Under his leadership we were victorious against Nazi Germany, freed Europe, and rebuilt Russia from complete ruin. 
He protected our culture with the iron curtain. 
Under him, study and sport were respected. 
Under him, there was no corruption. 
Under him, we were the most respected nation and people on the earth. 
He made Russia into a super-power.
Compare with the growing popularity of neo-Nazism in the West and —déjà vu.

Russia Insider
Stalin is Seriously Popular In Russia
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Dan Lynch said...

While acknowledging Stalin's bad side, you have to admit that Stalin turned Russia into a major industrial power while the West was slogging through the Great Depression, then did the bulk of the fighting against the Nazis in WWII. It was the heyday of the Soviet Union.

Americans do not appreciate the importance of Russia's role in WWII.

PeterP said...

Summing up: Russians exhibid a totalitarian, slave mentality.