Saturday, October 25, 2014

RJ Eskow — 7 facts that show the American Dream is dead

Vacations; an education; staying home to raise your kids; a life without crushing debt; seeing the doctor when you don’t feel well; a chance to retire: one by one, these mainstays of middle-class life are disappearing for most Americans. Until we demand political leadership that will do something about it, they’re not coming back.
Can the American dream be restored? Yes, but it will take concerted effort to address two underlying problems. First, we must end the domination of our electoral process by wealthy and powerful elites. At the same time, we must begin to address the problem of growing economic inequality. Without a national movement to call for change, change simply isn’t going to happen.
7 facts that show the American Dream is dead
Richard (RJ) Eskow | Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America's Future and is host and managing editor of The Zero Hour on We Act Radio

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